Biotechnology is the use of biological systems found in organisms or the use of the living organisms themselves to make technological advances and adapt those technologies to various different fields. These include applications in various fields from agricultural practice to the medical sector. It does not only include applications in fields that involve the living, but any other field where the information obtained from the biological aspect of an organism can be applied. Biotechnology is particularly vital when it comes to the development of miniscule and chemical tools as many on the tools biotechnology uses exist at the cellular level.


Shogetsu Biotechnology

Shogetsu Biotechnology selects the best truffles as raw materials and develops several significant health products. It is committed to bringing consumers an impressive truffles experience.

Shogetsu Biotechnology

Shogetsu biotechnology, japan, is committed to creating a global leading truffle brand. It advocates natural plant extracts and a quality attitude for perfection. Shogetsu is a high-tech biological company mainly engaged in health products and truffle products. Company has the most advanced truffle extraction technology in the world and scientific research assembly line. Which is a professional enterprise for production, sale, research, and development?

Providing every identifier with meticulous care and service is the original will of development of Shogetsu Biotechnology.

Compared with other traditional ways of eating truffles, Shogetsu Biotechnology extracts truffle and designs the products into oral liquids that are more easily absorbed. The truffle oral liquid is exclusively developed by Shogetsu Biotechnology, with excellent health care performance and has been highly sought after by many consumers for a long time. The oral solution has been well certified by the authority. Safety, health , and nature are symbolic characteristics of Shogetsu Biotechnology.

Today, Shogetsu Biotechnology offers not just products, but services and responsibilities. In addition to efficient and excellent products, Shogetsu Biotechnology also provides relevant health services for customers through exquisite and thoughtful after-sales service. We firmly believe that we will continue to seek more miracles of life in the future. Shogetsu Biotechnology constantly strives for excellence in quality and create the future.

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